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The Construction Record Podcast

May 17, 2019

This week on The Construction Record podcast, Journal of Commerce digital media editor Warren Frey and Daily Commercial News staff writer Angela Gismondi take a look at some of the big stories happening in Ontario, including a report on how the Ontario government can optimize currently underutilized land, Safety Week 2019, the arrival of prompt payment in Nova Scotia, and a new regulatory framework in Ontario has experts saying it makes sense in adjudication to “just pay up.”

Warren also talked to JOC staff writer Russell Hixson about some of the stories he’s been working on, including a look at the continued slump in Saskatchewan’s construction climate and a charity in Kathmandu started by a Vancouver Island mason called “Another Brick in Nepal.”

DCN staff writer Don Wall also has an interview from the recent Lean Construction Institute of Canada conference with Marquardt Mechanical vice-president of strategic development Jason Marquardt, who talked about both the low and high-tech aspects of lean methodology adopted by his company.