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Aug 13, 2021

This week on the Construction Record podcast, digital media editor Warren Frey talks to Lafarge manager of sustainability and the environment Bill Gowdy about some of the reclamation efforts the firm is undertaking to turn land formerly in use back to its natural state.

Gowdy said one of the sustainability projects involves introducing beehives into areas formerly occupied by Lafarge plants. Challenges included everything from Alberta’s truncated warm months to the presence of bears in the area.

He also elaborated on other sustainability efforts including tagging kestrels and the difficulty of communicating Lafarge’s efforts when previously the company could hold large tours at its reclamation sites which is not presently possible given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to The Construction Record and TCR Express on the Daily Commercial News and Journal of Commerce websites as well as on Apple PodcastsSpotify and Amazon Music’s podcast section and you can hear last week’s episode featuring WZMH Architects principal Zenon Radewych here. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week.

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