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The Construction Record™ Podcast

Jul 6, 2018

On this edition of The Construction Record podcast, national editor Vince Versace and daily editor Lindsey Cole are joined by Warren Frey, the Journal of Commerce’s digital media editor, for a special look at both their top and favorite stories and the midpoint of the year.

Vince pointed to the long-predicted labour shortage as one of his top stories and pointed to the many places throughout the industry where the shortage is being felt. Lindsey’s top story for the year so far is the controversy within the industry when Aecon was sold to CCCI Holdings, a state-own Chinese company. The sale was subsequently blocked by the Canadian government citing security concerns. Warren took a look at the accelerating phenomenon of technology permeating the construction industry. While people have been discussing technology’s growing role for years, recently more and more technology solutions at every level of the industry have come to fruition.

Moving on to their favorite stories and subjects, Vince cited the Daily Commercial News and Journal of Commerce’s recent features of women in the construction industry, which demonstrate progress has been made in getting more women into the trades and management, but work remains to be done. Lindsey pointed to coverage of the Canadian Construction Association’s annual conference in Banff, and Warren talked about covering the Confidence In Canada initiative where industry, business organizations and municipal government voiced their objections to the B.C. NDP’s position on the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Warren also mentioned recent coverage of development in Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood, where the city has rethought how it will approach building within one of Vancouver’s oldest areas.

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