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The Construction Record Podcast

Nov 9, 2018

This week Journal of Commerce digital media editor Warren Frey is in Toronto and he’s joined by Journal of Commerce and Daily Commercial News daily editor Lindsey Cole for a look at the coverage by both papers at the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships (CCPPP) 26th annual national conference.

A big uptick in international attendance from Latin America as well as other regions is one of the notable aspects of this year’s conference, along with a sense that infrastructure projects and government programs are past the initial stage and well into execution.

Labour International Union of North America international vice president and regional manager for Central and eastern Canada Joe Mancinelli spoke to attendees at the conference and also did an interview for the podcast, where he spoke about the need for new roads into downtown Toronto and what he called a misperception about public private partnerships (P3) as detrimental to labour, a position he refuted.

CCPPP president and CEO Mark Romoff also spoke to the podcast about the many sessions and other aspects of the annual conference, as well as the current state of P3s both in Canada and the United States.