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The Construction Record Podcast

Nov 23, 2018

This week’s Construction Record podcast features national editor Vince Versace and digital media editor Warren Frey fresh from the Journal of Commerce’s annual editorial advisory board meeting, where our staff get perspectives from the industry leaders on our board and a sense of the current state of construction in the Lower Mainland and across western Canada.

Vince and Warren also dive into some current topics, such as the federal government’s recent economic update and its impact on the industry, as well as prompt payment initiatives at both the federal level and in Saskatchewan.

Warren and Vince also discussed Calgary’s “no” vote regarding hosting the Olympics in 2026 and the impact of that decision on both Alberta’s economy and infrastructure work in the city. Daily Commercial News staff writer Don Wall also has a discussion with Canada Green Building Council - Greater Toronto Chapter regional director Jeff Ranson who was the MC at the recent Vertical Neighborhoods Summit in Toronto. Ranson discussed high-rise building, sustainability, and balancing out a neighborhood’s character with densification.

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