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Apr 6, 2019

On this week’s Construction Record podcast, national editor Vince Versace and daily editor Lindsey Cole do a deep dive on the oncoming changes headed for both municipalities and construction companies once Bill 66 in Ontario takes effect. One of the big changes is the possibility of municipalities no longer being regarded as construction employers, which could have significant impacts across the provine and especially in Toronto.

Vince and Lindsey also point out stakeholder opinions are by no means unified, with some in favour of Bill 66 as a way to add competition, and others saying the new rules will lead to a bigger ‘underground’ economy.

Vince also points to the ongoing battle in western Canada between the wood and cement industries, with some criticism from the cement industry about the British Columbia government’s approval of 12-storey wood structures.

We also have the first of a two-part interview series with Andy Manahan, the executive director of the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario about the current and upcoming issues affecting his organization.

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