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Nov 29, 2019

This week on the Construction Record podcast, Journal of Commerce digital media editor Warren Frey and staff writer Russell Hixson take a look first at some of the stories Russell’s been working on, including an interview with outgoing BC Building Trades executive director Tom Sigurdson, who reflects on a long career advocating for labour, women in trades and apprenticeship. Russell also talks about stories he’s worked on recently involving Oxford Properties development of a multi-level industrial site to maximize available space.

Warren was recently in Toronto for the Canadian Council of Public-Private Partnerships annual conference, and he talked to City of Edmonton Valley Line LRT project director Brad Smid about the timeline and challenges surrounding the procurement process for the line.

Warren also spoke to Rick Meade, the senior executive officer for the Los Angeles Metro about the large-scale expansion to the city’s light rapid transit system as the approaching 2028 Olympic Games create a pressing deadline. Meade also explained how different models will be used for different parts of the system, including a project development agreement model which brings private firms in at the environmental stage to develop alignments and modes of travel.

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